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Potatoes have eyes, you have eyes. Potatoes have skin, you have skin. Therefore you are potato. Take that logic.
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No, not white.
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A thinly veiled one, yes...
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In many cases I agree with you. My dad didn't have 2/3 of a year to work, he worked the entire year and taught summer classes as well in order to makes ends meet (due to the low pay). True, the insurance and benefits were great as I understand, and that helped. But both of my parents were in education and neither made much money for all the hard work they put in.

There will never be an instance where teachers will completely separate their beliefs from their classrooms unfortunately. But, some are much better at it than others. I remember one teacher in high school that taught economics and government, and she was a hateful leftist that professed on numerous occasions how great she thought LBJ was and how dumb most white people were. But, even she was able to voice her opinions without holding those of us that disagreed with her in contempt. That's been 20 years ago though, a lot has changed since then and things have gotten worse, politics has found its way into the (public) school system and it's teaching some very concerning things.

As far as the GND's a pipe dream that they're using to get elected. No such plan would ever pass the house and senate and actually be passed. It's all empty (and unattainable) promises that sound good to get votes.
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Nice touch that you can still see the grooves of the file in the blade.