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I wonder how different history would be, if World War 1 never even happened! in The_Think_Tank
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Good perspective! I dont claim to be a huge history buff, but I'm happy to see you hit some of the same points I did. I'd say you may have even corrected a couple of mine. As you said, alternate history is hard to predict, but fascinating all the same!
Let's talk differences! in The_Think_Tank
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Women, when we compliment you, take it earnestly, dont shoot us down and say it's not true. You really do look pretty in sweatpants! Also, you need to be blunt if you actually want to get us to act, we tend to be machines, feed us instructions and we will take care of whatever you really want us to with enthusiasm. Reading signals is not our strong suit, tell us what you want, you'd be surprised at how receptive and excited we are to please you.
Are you worried about the Corona Virus? in The_Think_Tank
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KUNG "FLU"... PFFTFTTTFFFFTTFTHHH!!! | image tagged in brick tamland | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Eh, no not really worried but honestly it's because I'm not near the's a terrible situation for others though. I hope it gets tamped down soon.
I wonder how different history would be, if World War 1 never even happened! in The_Think_Tank
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WWII I think would have definitely been different or avoided altogether, but I don't know what impact it would have had on Korea or Vietnam since those wars were fought with communism as a major player on one side and the Soviets were already heading that direction regardless of what happened in Europe. So, communist influence of the USSR may have still influenced North Korea and the North Vietnamese regardless and still have caused issues if you exclude influence in the region from the Imperial Japan.

What would be different is that Germany may not have been under such incredible oppression from the other European nations under the terms of the Paris peace conference. That is the ultimate catalyst (I think) for the second uprising of the German people with the extremism of the Nazi party and Hitler. He was their savior from all the oppression from the rest of Europe. Had the PPC been more supportive of a rebuilt and reformed Germany, boosting their economy instead of forcing reparations and pounding the nation into an un-repayable debt, the political landscape may have been completely different. Germany may have even been an ally in fighting the subsequent wars. Fascist Italy may have also failed since they fed off of the German fascist movement.

Great question, very interesting!