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Exit 12. Time to make it happen! (I'm not THIS bad! But still... LOL!)
I am trying to get in better shape too so I can do what I have been wanting to for a while now. I felt I was about ready to try at the end of last year but I got sick quite badly around Christmas which put me back some. I know what it's like when one feels like quitting. But that is when you gotta keep pushing forward. Stay strong Nixieknox, you can do it :D
Feminists GenderEquality
She has got to be the best looking feminazis I have ever seen! Must be a fake one XD Good Meme!
Well this was Prince Harry's first marriage, I am sure he will be a little emotional! It probably means it is more meaningful to him. ************** I want that Eagle!!!
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr
I am still waiting for the western feminists to realize who the real oppressors of women are. Maybe if Trump authorized Sharia law people would do something about it.
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr
LOL! Your meme made me think of that Bugs Bunny episode!