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Jan 6 bussing in antifa and blm and they knew in conservatives
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WHERE ARE THEIR GUNS? REPUBLICANS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR TOTING GUNS! | image tagged in startrek | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Instead we hear straight from the police themselves, "they threatened to go back and get their guns and kill us, that they outnumber us". And the police said they have military training.
HELLO, IT ISN'T MILITARY TRAINING TO SHOW UP ON A BATTLEFIELD WITHOUT YOUR WEAPONS!!! And republicans would have been toting guns and military gear, not a f**king buffalo hat!
Some dude gets accused of using a phony 20 and the police kill him yet this many people breaks in without the police firing a shot?!?
Actually one woman was shot and killed by the Secret Service on Jan 6th, she was probably the only one not supposed to be there during the sham.
If it isn't obvious that someone(s) is trying mighty hard to demonize republicans, you are hopelessly brainwashed!
What leftists think Trump was doing on January 6th: in conservatives
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THIS IS GREAT!!! | image tagged in goodfellas laugh | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This is from the Raid 2 isn't it? Ahh this is awesome. Wish it really happened, would have been the most epic part of that day. Playing tug of war with a three foot gate, monkeying around on the outside is not an insurrection.
The police said the "insurrectionists" had military training despite also saying that they threatened to go back and get their guns and kill the police, that they outnumber the police. IT IS NOT STANDARD MILITARY TRAINING TO SHOW UP ON A BATTLEFIELD WITHOUT ONE'S WEAPONS!!!

And then the police have the gall to say they defended the White House all the while saying the "insurrectionists" took the police's guns and waved it in their faces. Letting the enemy take your gun is not how you defend a place.

I could go on but it's late and this subject greatly angers me. People are so foolish to believe these lies and ignore the great disrespect the media, police, and politicians did to the military!
e in conservatives
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This has happened twice with me but the damnedest thing is that liberals, or who ever is in support of abortion, turns pale when it comes to executing the rapist.
I suggested that if a woman chooses to abort due to rape then the rapist should be executed automatically based on her decision to abort. Refusing to abort does not pardon him from execution, the decision will then be made by a trial. They went hysterical saying you can't kill him. Needless to say I was flabbergasted. I mean their reasoning for allowing abortion due to rape is that she won't have to deal with the trauma of bearing a child born of rape. Yet they are apparently fine with her living with the trauma of knowing her rapist is alive and may be released in a few years. This happens alot, it's how repeat offenders exist.
Go figure, they can kill an unborn child but not a rapist.
Bring Back Law & Order in conservatives
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When it comes to looting and breaking windows in the White House, the media and liberals calls it an insurrection. When it is happening in cities it is brushed over.
Is it moot to point out that Hillary and the media referred to the Benghazi attack as a protest? There was bullets and mortars being fired on American lives and they call it a protest. Some soyboys play tug of war with a three foot gate and it's an insurrection!
I am just glad there are people like you and the others here in the conservative section otherwise I believe I would go insane at the foolishness of the people who believes this rubbish.

Good meme by the way.
No... I won't in conservatives
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image tagged in spock salute | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
What happens when you mess with Americans and freedom?
We go to war and we stomp the enemy.

If libs are quaking in fear of that joke Jan 6th, they are in for a rude awakening. Because unlike those actors, real soldiers bring their weapons to the battlefield and they are not trained to lose and they whole heartedly believe in freedom.
So those anti Americans can find some other corner of the world to wank off to their oppressive commie fantasy, America will remain the Land Of The Free!!!