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How Did That Work Out For The Native Americans?
You have a point with the motivating factors. There was a lot to be gained. And by spreading religion they would probably get blessings, and funding, from the Pope. The horses and superior technology like guns and cannons did give them an edge. But still there was so many they had to fight. And I would think it would be hard to maneuver cavalry through jungle growth. And the guns of the time was probably rather cumbersome to reload. Did the Spaniards have plate armor at the time? I suppose it doesn't matter since from judging at some pictures they didn't wear full armor. Have you played the game Medieval II Total War? I don't play many games but I like that one. There are Aztecs in the game and they are bloody difficult to fight. I know games are nothing like reality, and I do not know how historically accurate the game is, but I think it gives an idea of what the Europeans was up against. There is also an extra campaign called the Americas campaign. In it is more native factions. And one Mayan unit in particular throws hornets nests. Hornets nests! I looked that one up and it seems like they actually did throw hornets.
How Did That Work Out For The Native Americans?
I really don't know how they conquered as much as they did. It's not like they had the fast moving ships or planes of today to travel across the ocean. They had small, slow, rocking boats. They had to have been quite tired and worn out from such a voyage. And then to get out and start fighting hordes of strong zealous warriors in hot humid climates. And there had to be snakes, mosquitos, and everything else in those jungles. But maybe the Native women were beautiful XD Seriously, I don't know how they accomplished all they did. But then I don't know too much about the conquering of the Americas.
Don't ya just wonder what the cow was really thinking? LOL
I hope her cow impressions doesn't make that large animal try to gorge her. Good Meme!
cicada revenge
LOL! You actually did this? Good idea and good meme!