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Bring Back Law & Order

Bring Back Law & Order | image tagged in politics,democrats,soft on crime,criminals,punishment,law and order | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
74 views 8 upvotes Made by vBackman 3 months ago in conservatives
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When it comes to looting and breaking windows in the White House, the media and liberals calls it an insurrection. When it is happening in cities it is brushed over.
Is it moot to point out that Hillary and the media referred to the Benghazi attack as a protest? There was bullets and mortars being fired on American lives and they call it a protest. Some soyboys play tug of war with a three foot gate and it's an insurrection!
I am just glad there are people like you and the others here in the conservative section otherwise I believe I would go insane at the foolishness of the people who believes this rubbish.

Good meme by the way.
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Thank you, Sir_David. I noticed we thought a lot alike about 7 months ago when I put you on my follow list. I truly do believe the left has gone absolutely MAD and cannot relate to them in any way.

I am grateful for you and the conservatives on here as well. We need to stick together and put the sheep out to pasture where they belong (and not in government or near any small children, in or out of the womb)...
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