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Hey coral... in fun
2 ups, 5y
Best meme I've seen this week ????????
MemeAdam posted a meme thinking he was the only 14 year old on the site, so I'm curious how old Is everyone? I'm 36 in fun
15 ups, 5y
I'm also 14 but I gotta be the only african-american 14 yr old on imgflip
First World Problems in fun
7 ups, 5y
Join the club I'm 14
Happy Father's day you useless bum in fun
1 up, 5y
It's sad these days. It was that the Dad walked out on their kids and now Dads and Moms are walking out on their kids and grandparents gotta raise them.Like, why have kids?
As Christians, we're supposed to be examples of God's love, not alienate people from him by being rude and abrasive. in fun
1 up, 5y
I'm Christian and I 100% agree with this. Like Tupac once said "Only God Can Judge Me"