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I'm transgender(ftm) and bisexual and proud to be a part of LGBTQ I play basketball and I play the tenor saxophone
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New oc! in OCs
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Swirl:i-im fine*winces but tries to hide it*
New oc! in OCs
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Swirl:n-no she didnt..w-why would you t-think that...
New oc! in OCs
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New oc! in OCs
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Swirl:nervously backs up
New oc! in OCs
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Swirl:I'll go wait here*runs to house
Hope:where were you and why do you smell like someone
Swirl:no-no reason
Hope:*pushes against wall* tries to take off shirt
Swirl:n-no *tries to push off* I-i don't love you anymore
Hope:maybe one more round will help you see
Swirl:please d-dont
Hope: *ripps off his shirt* *kisses him*
Swirl:*stands there*
Hope:*takes off shirt and bra*
Swirl:looks away*
Hope:*unbuttons pants and pulls them down*
hope: did you just tell me to stop! Stay right here *ties up*
Swirl:*tear falls from face
Hope:*comes back with a whip*
Swirl:*starts shaking*
Hope:*hits over and over on the privates and back untill he starts bleeding*
Swirl: *cries*
*you know what happens*
Swirl:runs into room quickly packs bags gets dressed and jumps out window limping all ththe way back to him*
Swirl:I'm here*winces*