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An old saying. in politicsTOO
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Capitalism is not perfect, but it doesn't always collapse. The flaw with capitalism is human greed. Making it a different system won't fix the underlying problem that some people want more than their fair share.
Some people in "politics" miss the obvious. in politicsTOO
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Abnormal weather is not proof of climate change. Abnormal weather becoming normal weather is evidence of climate change. PS: The fact that the first two cards you draw from a deck are red aces does not mean anything is weird with the deck. If 27 cards are red then the deck is bad.
I've always wondered. in Gaymer
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Simple, one side has practiced with the ball being deflated so they know how it performs. The other side doesn't know and knowledge is power.
An old saying. in politicsTOO
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Corrections: Certain millionaires who see how bad wealth inequality is say they should be taxed more. Is this because they know if there is a collapse, they lose money and thus lose protection against very angry people? Probably to some extent, but still.
Why didn't they tell me about this in history class? in History_Memes
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Hawaii=US Military base, close to mainland and White people. Philippines=Not large military base, not close to mainland and not nearly as many White people. That is why