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Are We Still Free When Even Kids are Attacked for a Different Opinion
Calling someone an ideologue because they wanted people to not attack children.. lol. Our society is so f**ked :(
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When even the liberal poster in the thread is calling you a whiner, you may want to own it and try not to act like a 12 year old.
He shouldn't complain
https://taxfoundation.org/how-scandinavian-countries-pay-their-government-spending/ You forgot the part where even low and middle class will be paying more than 50% of their paycheck to the government to pay for these things. You b**ch and cry about Trump MAYBE increasing your taxes by a percent or two, yet you support someone who wants to take more than 5 dollars out of every 10 you earn? I'll give you a little hint : The United States has a higher top marginal tax rate than say, Norway, but Norway makes more money by taxing the low and middle class. That you actually want that here and you think it will improve the life of the poor is a total joke.
He shouldn't complain
Actually he's a teacher, grats.