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Hi!(SD stands for Sweet Donuts :)my new account will be New)Not_Itz_Hayley-XDSD,ofc lol
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Epic Handshake in fun
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SEROUSLY?this place does NOT need ANOTHER ANTI stream!
You hate on tik tok,gacha,left handed,people,hackers,and MUCH MORE,and now you want to hate on a phone company!yetyou want imgflip to be better? are even more stupid than the rest of the haters here.(i don't care if it's not spelled making a point.)
Epic Handshake in fun
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first meme in fun
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will this get to the front page in fun
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no Jesus would never do any of that,he loves everyone equal
they didn't even have shoes of metal or upvote begging when Jesus was on earth and ur annoying so you're bolcked