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Change My Mind in fun
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Change My Mind in fun
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😂 😂 😂 my theater teacher would not care and make us as white as ghosts
UNO Draw 25 Cards in fun
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😂 I remember once during my 7th grade science class, we were on our plant unit, and we were done with everything, yet we still had Abt 2 weeks of that unit, so she began teaching us highschool related things, and we even did a science lab that university students did. The class somehow ended up understanding but it really was useless to my knowledge of plants.
You brought this on yourself in fun
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In my school, anything we don't finish is homework as it will be due the next day unless otherwise stated
Change My Mind in fun
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As a girl:
Yes, you're correct. I've actually said this before, but my friend (who wears makeup) said it isn't fair as light shines brightly on their faces, blocking out their features, so they have to wear makeup. I understand, as being part of theater productions, actors need to wear makeup as very bright lights shine out their features, making them look pale. However, I think the case of beauty contests is different as they're actually competing for their beauty, not trying to show themselves more on a stage, you know?