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The case against Trump. in politicsTOO
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Been getting back into longform memes lately. Fun but they take longer. Thoughts? | YO DAWG HEARD YOU LIKED LONG EPIC MEMES HERE’S A COUPLE MORE | image tagged in memes,yo dawg heard you,memes about memes,memes about memeing,meanwhile on imgflip,imgflip trends | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Few more from the past 2 weeks:

Lmk if you like these. They’re kinda fun but take much longer lol
The case against Trump. in politicsTOO
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When they accuse your memes of being too wordy. | NAH BRO YOU’RE THINKING OF GETALIFEMEDIA.COM | image tagged in words,words of wisdom,meanwhile on imgflip,the daily struggle imgflip edition,first world imgflip problems,imgflippers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Yeah, some of my memes have been wordy, especially around the time of impeachment. What can I say? The issues involved were complex.

I’ve tried to tone it down significantly though. This one was an exception.

At least the text is nice and big.
Here it is folks: The case against Trump! Who’s ready to discuss in a calm and civil manner? in politics
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Can’t seem to find the original meme in this stream. Here it is again. | image tagged in trump impeachment,impeach trump,impeachment,conservative logic,republicans,impeach | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Thank you for taking the time to address me point by point! This is what “politics” should be about.

I already spent much time on this meme and properly replying to you will take even longer. I hope to give a full response sometime this weekend.

For now I’ll just address a sub-part of #7: re: The idea Ukrainegate was just a “Boogaloo” of Russiagate.

I made the meme above awhile ago. Interestingly I found it on a Google search, but when I click the link to its original incarnation in ImgFlip it is broken.

Anyway: I find it rich of Republicans to complain of a “pattern” of investigating Trump when Trump and his officials themselves are the ones who keep stepping in these waters.

Indeed, you’re right Russiagate didn’t find direct evidence of collusion by Trump himself. Good for him: and for that reason, no impeachment resulted.

However, the probe turned up enough evidence of Russian election interference generally (and other lawbreaking) to result in 37 indictments, 7 convictions, and 5 prison sentences. Heck, let’s not forget the porn star payoffs by Cohen that most definitely didn’t involve any direction from Trump himself (wink wink). A small concern compared to conspiring with Russia, but still a campaign finance violation. Manafort the Trump campaign chair was dinged on tax fraud etc. Bottom-line: Mueller did his job, did it well, and this wasn’t a hoax.

Then Trump went and made the infamous Zelensky call the day after Mueller’s congressional testimony. You can’t make this stuff up.

So when it came to Ukraine, we actually had smoking-gun evidence of Trump himself pressuring the Ukrainian President re: Biden, which is why impeachment then resulted. (There were other backdoor channels by Giuliani, etc.) Still Republicans didn’t care and aided and abetted every effort to obstruct the investigation.

This election interference stuff is complex and flies over the heads of most Americans (unlike the easy-to-grasp crimes of breaking and entering & wiretapping: see Watergate), but that is no reason not to investigate it, document it, and call it out.

Strip away every other complaint about Trump that I’ve listed, and Ukrainegate alone is enough to find Trump unworthy to hold the office of President, as Senate Democrats and Sen. Romney found.

Other moderate Republicans offered some version of “let the voters decide.” But that argument eviscerates impeachment.