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But Thats None Of My Business
Hey, I'll agree with you on most everything you said... except for one little historical detail. The whole "In the Civil War the South was on par with the North weapons wise" concept is generally untrue. While the South often had foreign made guns that required a craftsman to make, resulting in slightly higher quality, the North had what was then referred to as "The American System" by its creator, Eli Whitney. Today we would call this the assembly line concept. This allowed the North to have guns of slightly less quality, but far more of them, and a far easier time of repairing or replacing them if needed, but it's an honest mistake. In fact, most everything non-cotton the South manufactured, the North could make about 10 times more of it in the same time, that went for uniforms, Iron, cannons, furniture, etc. in other terms, the economic might of the North almost made the outcome of the civil war certain from the start. God... my hands are tired from that
be sure to read till the end!
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The Best Moment of My Life
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Clint Eastwood
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