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Plant-based in politics
1 up, 6m
Lab-grown meat is the way to go. None of this plant nonesense.
Nobody is forcing me to do anything in politics
1 up, 7m
Yup. We can still spread germs just like the several hundred THOUSAND years of human existence in which we never wore masks and got along just fine. The only real virus that we should be protecting ourselves from is the news media and Dr. Fauci.
But That's None Of My Business in politics
0 ups, 7m
Boycotting certain companies is a RIGHT of the consumer and as such is completely different from firing people from their jobs and suspending them on social media. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but your comparison just doesn't add up.
PlayStation button choices in fun
0 ups, 7m
I prefer governments that do nothing.
People who want to stop speech and conversations want violence. in politics
2 ups, 8m
You can spew off ridiculous and baseless conspiracy theories like Trump being a Russian agent all day, but that doesn't make them true.

I never said Trump was a perfect president. The spending was a huge problem, and I'm EXTREMELY ticked off that he banned bump stocks. But that doesn't change the fact that he was and is a true and dedicated conservative. Ask any REAL conservative like Rush Limbaugh (God rest his soul).

Go ahead and call Trump ludicrous insults like "dictator" and "spoiled brat; they are nothing more than your own degenerate opinion." Trump did a lot of great and commendable things and I support him because of his POLICIES not because of his vocabulary or mannerisms.