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Dear Anti-Maskers in politics
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Are you a face-diaper Nazi?
Consequences of avoiding mask-nazi businesses? Stopped eating fast food, & now shop entirely at local terrible! :) in politics
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9.5 months into the 'pandemic' and haven't worn a mask once...still alive, and haven't had a sickness of any kind. Not to hurt your feelings, but in my age group, I have a 99.98% chance of surviving even if I do get it...and that's kind of the point.
Dear Anti-Maskers in politics
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Why would ask that?
Trump Should Come With A Warning Label Trust At Your On Peril in politics
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I didn't blame society for Trump's lies. I said that ALL politicians lie, because American society won't elect anyone that doesn't lie. Trump is no different than any other politician.

If you think Trump is different than the average politician or even the average American, then you were right to not read the entire post, because you are part of the problem, in that you are just like Trump, but from the opposite perspective.
What's the rush with the judge? in politics
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It doesn't matter to me how many under which president, the biggest thing to me is that legalized baby murder is happening at an alarming rate in the US, I would like to see it stopped as soon as possible.

Murder is already illegal, so we are trying to control that. All I propose is to re-classify abortion as a form of murder with the same statutes, punishments, and disincentives. That will definitely reduce the number of abortions.