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Republicans in politics
0 ups, 4y
Listen, when you start sixth grade, you will be able to understand some adult memes...
Republicans in politics
0 ups, 4y
Boeing, Fedex, Airline Companies, Wall Street...start watching the news, it will do you good.
US corona virus in politics
1 up, 4y
In case you are born with an IQ so low that you can not understand the meaning of the word sarcasm...this is sarcasm. You can google it if needed.
USA: I am speed in fun
4 ups, 4y
Way to go USA, you are number 1
Now president Trump can go play golf at Mar-a-lago and do twitter posts from his bathroom.
After all, Nancy thinks nothing of crapping all over the average American in politics
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Trump supporters can't send any samples because they ate theirs...