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Drake Hotline Bling in Anti-LGBT
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Okay pls specify the "people who died for this country" because we HAVE a Black History Month in February and November is Native American Heritage Month so like....... And if you're talking about veterans and military people, November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, plus Veteran's day and many other holidays like that so........ Wtf you goin on abt mate???
Asdfghjkl in LGBTQ
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As an enby I hate it for me, it isn't my aesthetic, but as a Sapphic, I think they are very nice and make good pillows
Asdfghjkl in LGBTQ
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Lesbians thinking about other people's boobs: 😍
Part 2 in LGBTQ
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Oops forgot to make magical all caps lol
END GAYSISM!! in fun
1 up, 2h
"phobic" doesn't exclusively mean "fear of" but can also be defined as "repulsed by" such as "hydrophobic" things, which repel water. So homophobia would be correct.
Just a lil knowledge for ya, fellow gay ✨💜