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Demias_Cassius (48672)
Joined 2024-01-25
Christian, gamer, furry, Doll simp. 39 fantabulous brothers and sisters. Girlfriend: DuolingoGod
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practice ur roasting skills in rareinsults
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My Will To LIve
what was he thinking when he made his beard like this in rareinsults
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(Two months later) He's a jerk AND his beard sucks
Untitled Image in rareinsults
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I understand that my comment could be taken as an insult. However, that is no reason to tell me to off myself.
Untitled Image in rareinsults
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I dunno. Maybe base your personality off of something other than insulting people because they tried to be funny.
Untitled Image in rareinsults
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If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that, I'd be able to buy you a brain.