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I'll have a better discussion with this wall next to me. Obviously you're fascinated with p**ises, everything comes back to that for you. You don't agree with me, you must be an uneducated redneck with a tiny dick. Typical left response.
Your hypocrisy has shown in just three posts. You believe you walk a higher moral ground because fighting "the good fight" with clubs and bike locks makes you superior than people that carry guns. You have a flaccid argument, so the response always goes to name calling. Antifa are terrorists, conducting the same form of terrorism as the Nazis. I don't give an f about terrorists killing terrorists. But I can see why you want us to be without it guns.
Only wimps need guns? Because you will win a fist fight? Antifa is walking around with sticks and pepper spray. Idiot A fighting idiot B in the same way but for different idiot reasons. By the way, the dude driving car was caught by armed cops.
(ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ɯsᴉlɐᴉɔos