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Thanks to all for the upvotes and fun comments. Most of all thanks for the laughs. :)
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it's like prom night all over except I hated that crud and never went...
Just wanted to quickly log in to say “Congrats!” on reaching the 1 Million point milestone.” :) I was going to become active again for the summer but plans have changed (you can check the comments on my profile page for more explanation) and I didn't want to leave w/o saying congrats. Happy memeing. :)
Do not stir the beast!
I didn't want to leave w/o first saying “Thanks for all the LOL's and upvotes.” I was busy for a while and my plan was to become active again for the summer, but that won't happen now. It looks like I'm not welcome around here anymore by another top user and any attempts to resolve the issue (which I'm still unclear about) have been one-sided. I never posted any negative memes about Imgflip or another user. Not to mention the numerous upvotes I gave to so many users. Well, thanks again or the fun time on Imgflip. Happy memeing. :)
Hurry up and leave
ooh ouch! If this was directed towards me, mission accomplished. I was trying to wean myself off of imgflip because it is so fun when I saw this come down the latest feed about a month ago. This just made it easier to be off during a super busy time. I'm not sure if I should become active again if others think I am someone who downvotes and has alt accounts. Anyhoo glad I could provide some meme-spiration.
The Rock Driving
I saw that one. I liked and upvoted that one too. :D