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Good Fucking Bye everyone. I'm working on my game like I should be.
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0__0 in JustaCheemsDoge
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to all my homies in JustaCheemsDoge
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Loners in timezone that are more heavily armed have ww2 equipment
I didn't even sleep because this piece of shit ai program would block these things NOT against their Terms. Fucking Snowflake's in JustaCheemsDoge
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no, its based off the joke about how dad's before they were married had the most batshit insane adventures straight out of indiana jones or Uncharted
Full title in comments. in Furries-stream
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yeah, and when these users get what they deserve, i'll be satisfied.
Full title in comments. in Furries-stream
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Okay. so, I should mention that I've been through alot. alot of shit I don't wanna talk about.

and theres a few users who hate me more than anything in the world, they accuse me of "Sexualized Foxes","Fake PTSD" and a bunch of other rude accusations. they also like to bring up the trauma I have, and when I tell them "Have a nice day" and ignore them, they decide to be all Pissy about it and other rude shit and one user even makes up bullshit like "he fakes PTSD because nobody get's truama from a anti-furry named M******(censored for personal reasons) killing your favorite character", I should also mention the pure hypocrisy of these users who hate me. they say i'm "doing terrible things and simp for Jade(from Arctic Dogs)"(which, people need to quit accusing me of simping because she's my favorite character and brings a sense of comfort) yet these users actually are breaking the site's rules by telling me and Red_memes42 to kill ourselves and making hate posts.

Anti-Furries and the Vibe Zone are just the most edgy and unlikable people on the internet.

heres examples of the posts they will make hating on me(and they of course violate the TOS): (this one was a user who's got issues over something NOT against the imgflip Terms, I EVEN SPOKE TO A SITE MOD TO CONFIRM ITS NOT AGAINST THE F*CKIN RULES)