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Gun Control
So, if you actually did your research, you’d know that after Australia implemented gun control, their crime rates began to drop. However during the same period of time, the USA also experienced a very similar drop in crime rates. And during that time, gun ownership was increasing in America! Yet somehow, our crime went down too. What is wrong with this picture???
Is it because his artistry is so much better than all those others?
And this wouldn’t be a discussion if homosexuality was still categorized as the mental disorder it is. Cheers...I’m out before the flaming starts. Have fun bashing a guy who isn’t here. :p
Is it because his artistry is so much better than all those others?
Suppose you owned something and didn’t want to sell it to me because you didn’t like me (news flash: you don’t!)? Would I be able to sue because you wouldn’t do business with me?
Creepy Condescending Wonka
*firearms, he still would’ve wanted to kill a lot of people. So what’s his alternative? Knife or bomb? Knife, eh, won’t work. So bomb. It couldn’t have been stopped; he still would’ve found some way to do it. A criminal, lacking a gun, WILL find another tool to carry out his crime. Only without a gun, a law-abiding citizen will have lost their best defensive tool.