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Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
Basically, British terminology for kissing.
Look Son
You’re right about God’s own words...except God already spoke to Man, through the Bible. So if you don’t find my arguments convincing, go read the Bible. Though you’ve already read at least part of it, and will tell me you weren’t convinced by that either. On the one hand you speak of evidence supporting Evolution. Yet the “evidence” you like to cite is based entirely on assumptions. Assumptions that human science is correct about what supposedly happened billions of years ago. Much like the George Washington argument; we have only the word of our history books that he existed. The theory of Evolution has only the word of scientists that it’s true. Science changes every few years, when new things are discovered that overturn old ideas. We don’t know what we don’t know, until we know it. Creation must assume God exists? Well, Evolution must assume science can accurately measure back as far as scientists claim it can. And that the Big Bang occurred, but no one knows why. And that life began where no life could possibly have existed beforehand. Assumptions? Evolution is rife with them. Every shred of “evidence” that has ever been compiled regarding prehistoric events will never be more than conjecture, until someone invents a time machine. Also, you’re still trying to drag God down to Man’s plane of existence, to a level you can measure. God is not on a level comprehensible by Man. If God is real, and if he can bring matter into existence with just a word, then he exists on a plane completely unfathomable to humans. And very much beyond defining by any science that will ever exist within the universe - even if God were to again physically manifest in the universe. If God created the universe out of nothing (not out of matter; if he created matter where none had previously existed), then he is beyond the universe’s scope. I’m out of space and have schoolwork to do. More later.
The Most Interesting Man In The World
Bravo, my good sir. Well spoken. Possibly the best explanation I've ever encountered.