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We see through it and we will win in fun
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The media's job is to create conflict, in any facet: political media, celebrity (tabloid) media, sports media, etc. If there is a conflict, their job is to blow it out of proportion, and if there is none, they need to make one up or fabricate its means.
Scumbag Cop in fun
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The only one who "stands up to me"? I'm not coercing anyone. Again, you, just like anyone else is free to visit my page or not. You're choosing to still, even though you're aware that I know you're full of yourself, and full of garbage. You're clearly not going to change my mind, and I'm not going to change yours either; so, how is it that you are 'standing up to me'? lol.
Scumbag Cop in fun
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I didn't assume your gender; it's more than clear by deduction. You know, that approach of which you know nothing? P.S. My mom died five years ago. Talk about being misinformed, yet speaking the loudest [for further reading, see 'implication,' and 'inference' in the dictionary--just take the definitions and applications one word at-a-time, I have some faith that you might get through it...It's weird for me to assume your gender, with a name like Abby_Normal and your clear mannerisms, yet it's okay for you to assume that I live in my five-years-passed mother's imaginary basement? What is wrong with your brain? You clearly believe that you know much more than you actually do about me, about the condition of this government and its effect on its people--and, it is more than evident that you have some serious self image issues to keep talking with me, on my post, in regards to something by which you completely disagree. lol. I know you went over it, and I say the same exact thing, another time, since you clearly had some trouble reading the first time: I couldn't care less about your military experience; it could be positive, negative, or neutral in my opinion, subjectively. But, objectively, it's clear that you're ignorant and adamant beyond repair, which is a very dangerous combination.
Scumbag Cop in fun
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....LOL. Says the chick who's doing the SAME, EXACT THING she is telling me not to do. What's a wacko, man. Get over yourself.
Untitled Image in fun
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That's insurance, in general. If its efficiency is in saving you money in repair costs and liability, then why are these companies worth billions of dollars? This is no different than auto insurance.