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I'm not naming names, but if you know, you know... in LGBTQ
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Well, if you’d like, I’ll explain more. I am actually bisexual, and I have a lot of internalized biphobia because I am from the dynamic that is prone to faking bi-ness for ‘woke’ or ‘pity’ points. Also, when I was a ‘biromantic homosexual’ I spent way too much time thinking about who non-SAM bisexuals would sleep with and getting a small superiority complex over them. The only way I could cope with it was by projecting it onto others because it was causing me physical pain and making me want to die. Since then, I’ve posted a couple wholesome bisexual things, and I haven’t harassed anyone. And besides that, we all make mistakes, you asked for forgiveness of the straight allies on the stream, so I can ask for forgiveness from the bisexuals of the stream.
Jim Halpert Explains in politicsTOO
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No. Honestly, I’m not a huge cancel-culturist. I might not support celebrities who do things I think are immoral, but not knowing about smth is fine and I won’t go out of my way to bully or harass people who disagree. I’ll just downvote them and move on
Ibuki temp in LGBTQ
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Neptunic- attraction to NB and women
Polysexual- attracted to most but not all genders