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DOES HARRY POTTER USE REAL OCCULT-WITCHCRAFT SPELLS? In Aramaic, the old magic, witchcraft phrase, “Abracadabra," is, “Avra Kadavra.” Real witches use this phrase to mean, "it will be created in my words.” The book and movie series use something very close with Harry and others giving this killing curse: “Avada Kedavra,” which only switches a couple letters. Yet, people claim there is no genuine witchcraft in the series so it’s fine for our children. But that was just one example of many to the contrary.  In fact, Rowling even admitted her killing curse was inspired from the Aramaic “Avra Kadavra” witch spell. But many of us know better, right? It's just innocent fun that helps kids read and that
major exposure to witchcraft will never make them want to be witches. | image tagged in witch,witchcraft,harry potter,getalifemedia,wicca,occult | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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HOW ARE AFRICAN WITCHCRAFT AND MODERN SECULAR PSYCHOLOGY SIMILAR? African reliance on witchcraft is widespread even though those who count on it, rated their lives significantly "less satisfying than those who do not." Of course, that’s no surprise and it's similar to what we've learned though some of our secular-psychology studies. A lot of psychologists follow the teachings of men like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. But both Freud and Jung were involved with the occult; especially Jung, who even admitted to getting much of his inspiration from demons that spoke to him. Freud became addicted to cocaine. And if you statistically look at the lives of many popular secular psychologists, you'll find theirs are just as messed up (or worse) than their lives of their patients. Yet, people go to them for advice, just as the less-satisfied
Africans are the ones who rely on witchcraft. | image tagged in psychology,freud,jung,witchcraft,god,bible | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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[1 of 2] Cartoons today are demonstrating witchcraft techniques, actually showing our kids how to perform witchcraft. And it's even blatantly being sold to them as a good way to get back at their enemies from school. In one example, the hero of the story is a teenage (or younger) witch that uses a pentagram she drew on her bedroom floor to conjure up a demon that will target and destroy those who have been mean to her. You may think I'm joking but this cartoon is out there for any child to stumble across, and it has even been dubbed into other languages. It’s called, "Maddie," and shows a little girl with an upside-down cross on her shirt and drawings on her school locker of a demon with hearts around it; seemingly to show it’s her lover or she loves the demon. And her demon drawings are openly gruesome with demons ripping other children’s guts out. So, if a child is mad at another, this cartoon shows them how to get revenge by conjuring up a demon to destroy someone. You can probably find "Maddie" by searching the name online, along with 
“pentagram” and “demon.” You will see it is full-blown occult witchcraft. | image tagged in witchcraft,children,occult,demons,god,jesus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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IS PAGANISM AND ITS WITCHCRAFT (CALLED "WICCA" TODAY) OLDER THAN CHRISTIANITY? Wiccans pride themselves on supposedly being "pre-Christian." They say we should listen to them because Christianity came along after their beliefs so they're really the first religion. Of course, they are wrong, as we’ve seen by methodically going through the history of witchcraft since its origins at the Tower of Babel. That is where pagan occult practices began and have now gotten to the point of permeating our planet. Does Babylon pre-date the earlier scriptural accounts? No! Much of the Genesis describes events prior to the Tower of Babel. Before the birth of witchcraft and other occult practices at Babylon, there were Adam and Eve, the days of Noah with the worldwide flood, and many generations between Adam and Noah. Paganism and its witchcraft certainly did not pre-date the Christian account.
That is a lie used to seduce others into joining them. | image tagged in pagan,witchcraft,christian,religion,bible,wicca | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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