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College Liberal
Not against other minorities according to PC. This was at a HBU. So no, not in this instance even though he told me he gave White students lowers scores so balance the grade inflation that was inevitable if he were to keep his post. Still he was disgusted, when confronted with facts he said he told the students who were shit on “that’s the way it is.”
Free BJ
The Democrats have a “One Drop Rule” in place. So yes. Although my wife’s friends son was just inducted into the National Honor Society and the South Asian kids who made up the bulk were dark skinned. So what is at the core of the problems?
College Liberal
So the STEM jobs will be demanded, no given is probably a better word to unworthy people. I met a professor who told me he was accused of being racist and he was Asian.
Don't Mess With This Tough Cookie
This is what “Based” is.