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The Hollow Man
The old people that are left think it’s fire works but it is guns shots, it’s not a major concern to the police as it occurs so often. Grafitti is more common. I bar my doors. I know the guy that was set on fire too.
Dawson Massacre
Live in the moment passed a lot of AIDS.
Dawson Massacre
Zadock Woods, the last name, is my 4th Great Grandfather.
The Yankeees
Social Justice Warrior or Cucks and Shit Eaters. I’m 52 and can still defend, these ass lickers will and can do nothing but virtue signal. A good example is a family member who rides a bike to “fight” AIDS while almost everyone has died of Cancer. Or a woman that married my cousin spouting this and that. All the money she ever got was from Whites and she calls them racist? Yeah, I’m Red Pilled! PC is Dead!
You Could Be Next
If you like or don’t like this you are a racist.