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spoon in fun
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He would burn at lunch in college and look for set ups. This is the classic “Fire Hose.”
A Lemon By Another Name in politics
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You should be Red Pill by now. Yes, you should be able to afford something, but welfare sets the baseline for healthcare. Americans pay a lot in taxes. When Trump took over he found excessive fraud and abuse. Putting the Government in charge of more money is their answer. The same POS that got sold on all the prisons to siphon money. Anywhere our tax dollars go now they are hit up. I’m with you. People on welfare live in new apartments and get all the food they need. It’s mostly disgusting. You and I are both on the wrong side of the ball. It’s double bad for me, I’m a Veteran and can’t even get care there. It’s not for me was the chime ringing in my head.
Take this with heart, because I follow what I say. I went on the Keto Diet, lost 65 pounds, quit smoking cold turkey. Yes I’m mean, but nobody is taking anything else from me.
The best healthcare you can get in the world is what you give yourself. Who you are with will determine how you live and how long you live. Regular men being used and cucked out has lead to this problem. Now there “are not enough good men” to rip off and divorce rape.
Compromised Media in politics
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Low hanging fruit.
Two Tier Media in politics
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Excuse me, “Mr.” John Treadaway