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The highest paid federal employee in the country says...

The highest paid federal employee in the country says... |  "IT'S TOO SOON TO TELL IF FAMILIES CAN GATHER FOR CHRISTMAS." - FAUCI 10/4/2021; LITERALLY EVERYONE WITH COMMON SENSE; "BUT GO OUT THERE AND ENJOY HALLOWEEN AS WELL AS THE OTHER HOLIDAYS THAT WILL BE COMING UP,” - FAUCI 10/12/2021; "YOU'RE A SPECIAL KINDA STUPID, AIN'T YA?" | image tagged in dr fauci,no country for old men tommy lee jones,dr fauci 2020,sam elliott special kind of stupid | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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BLM leader Tianna Arata whines about her arrest

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Greta opening her trap once again when no one asked for her opinion.

by anonymous
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