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Third World Skeptical Kid
Thank you. And I didn’t have to resort to boobs, or yoga pants, or a lady suggestively eating a banana... Not that there is anything wrong with those memes. :-)
Third World Skeptical Kid
And I can point out a number of economists who would say that a guaranteed minimum income would be bad. But let's get back to fundamentals. The US Constitution is a contract between the Federal Government and its citizens. The powers granted to the Federal Government are enumerated. Furthermore, the 10th amendment says that all powers that are not enumerated for the federal government are reserved for the States. Could you kindly point out where in the Constitution, it is a federal power to confiscate money from those who work to give to those who don't (of course after taking a large federal handling fee)? From my perspective, since charity work is not defined as an enumerated power of the Federal government, it ought to be reserved solely to each state. Oh, by the way... Each state that I am aware of has a balanced budget, so they can only spend what they take in for taxation. This is a very different concept than allowing the Federal government to do everything that is not enumerated, and without any concern for whether that social program can be afforded with tax levels or not. Lastly, I know that you cannot wrap your brain around the way that I think. Let's call it even, because I cannot wrap my brain around the way that you think. There is a great divide in this country in the concept of the size, scope, and role of the Federal government. You and I will never agree and arguing endlessly achieves nothing. I know that there is no way to sway you to my way of thought. And I also know that there is no way for you to sway me to your way of thought.