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All powers not enumerated for the federal government are reserved for the States.
Yep. Concepts like the division of authority between the Federal Government and State government are all but erased.
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr
A table near a waiter would be really nice.
Untitled Image
Excellent! But I fear that Imgflip is turning into some sort of a safe space. This is one that I submitted around 6:30 this morning that is simply not featured: https://imgflip.com/i/1pt8oy . My other 2, non-political ones were featured right away.
Fidget Spinner for men
Mine is a S&W Governor. First 2 rounds are 410 shotshells followed by 4 45 Long Colts. The business end of the barrel looks like a city sewer pipe.
Fidget Spinner Dinner
I practice catch and fillet.