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Is this Relatable?

Is this Relatable? | Me: *Wakes up in the Morning*; My Vision:; My Mouth:; My Bladder:; My Throat:; My Stomach:; My Brain: | image tagged in relatable memes,memes,funny,so true memes,wake up,relatable | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
178,365 views, 1949 upvotes, 505 comments

“Are you serious my brother”

“Are you serious my brother” | Me: “Mom, why do some people die young?”; Mom: “That’s because God takes good people early to him”; My 97 year old grandma: | image tagged in mike sully face swap,memes,funny,wait what,are you serious,but why tho | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
144,068 views, 1457 upvotes, 305 comments

Looks like my Dad is gonna nuke me now

140,609 views, 1395 upvotes, 325 comments

wHaT diD yOu dO?!

98,414 views, 1374 upvotes, 185 comments

This will 100% work! I promise!!!1!1! :D

139,916 views, 1371 upvotes, 182 comments

There’s always that one kid…

130,190 views, 1363 upvotes, 189 comments

Do they really think we’re stupid?

123,727 views, 1355 upvotes, 419 comments

Have a great day.

81,908 views, 1351 upvotes, 266 comments

Anybody else do this all the time?

105,289 views, 1336 upvotes, 143 comments

Anyone else here do this?

152,124 views, 1336 upvotes, 348 comments

Theres Terms and Conditions?

92,150 views, 1305 upvotes, 246 comments
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