The_Pirate_Crew › role model Memes & GIFs Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to thar' Pirate crew! If ye wanna join, ask thar' Capt'n: Nightlord. Ever'y crew member is a MOD. Here are thar rules: If ye are a crewmember, go here and do as it says:
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Check the comments, lads and lassies!

Check the comments, lads and lassies! |  Hey, mates! In ther' comments, can ye reply to me comment and tell me what role ye have that ye are gonna stick with? I wanna make a meme that establishes ever'yone's roles in me crew! And reply to me other comment about thar' election if ye wanna run in it! Details in thar' comment! | image tagged in rockstar foxy transparent,foxy,foxy five nights at freddy's,pirates,election,role model | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
by anonymous
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