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Sex-positive content from the raunchy to the elevated. Jokes, discourse, racy photos, etc. No full nudity allowed per ImgFlip rules. :( Also note: We're here to celebrate, not shame, sex. No red/black-pill, misogynist/misandrist, homophobic/transphobic, or aggressive content. UPDATE: New rules will be adopted to curb harassment/trolling as needed. UPDATE 2: KylieFan_89 is on a hiatus... ish. SexStream is in the hands of WiteRabid.
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This goes for those who like men also

This goes for those who like men also |  SEXUAL ATTRACTION IS NOT SHAMEFUL! I will appreciate her strength and intelligence, and treat her like a queen.  AND be turned on when I look at her. It's not always objectification; it can be appreciation. | image tagged in queen,redheads,sexuality,appreciation | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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