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I submitted this meme 6 days ago in the Politics stream. It was disapproved as "This meme uses racist stereotypes violating several components of the Conduct clause" and "be careful when authoring content around sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, and race".

I submit that "Truth is not Racist"and this meme is absolute truth.

I ask the Mods and anyone questioning this meme...
If there is a problem, how does one 'solve it' if one does not 'see it'??

People are not and should not be racists. We judge each other on behavior and not color of skin. I grew up when black people had families which included fathers in the home. Things changed and with that came a breakdown in behavior and societal standards.

No strong man/role model helped raise the children and mothers were overwhelmed. The government became the 'Daddy'. My husband & I have raised a son and I will be the 'first' to admit, I could not have done it without him!! Instead of encouraging the family unit, the family became fractured and many kids were the unfortunate by-product.

Crime today is rampant in our cities and homes. We need to 'unite against it' but we first have to ACCEPT THAT IT IS A PROBLEM so that we can deal with it. Unfortunately, the race card is flashed when the facts and statistics are laid on the table. Would be interested in your thoughts on this issue.
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'racist stereotypes'? How is wearing a three piece suit and having dignity a 'racial stereotype'? Oh, and it ain't just modern Blacks. In the very much White neighborhood I live in, it's time to start enforcing the 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service Rule' at work and perhaps start reporting drivers who are clearly stoned to the police.
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Of course we know, but most don't.

They targeted the black community and destroyed it.
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Joe Biden no malarkey | If you vote for Trump... GET OFF MY PLANTATION!! | image tagged in joe biden no malarkey | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Typically astute! They attacked the families, made victims of all of them, then said, "You are all victims and we (the ones that did it to you) are the only ones that can provide for you. The only ones that can protect you."
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Yup, Doctor King can now rest.
We have reached to top of the mountain. ugh
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Before desegregation and LBJ welfare 75% of Black dads, 90% of White dads, were in the home. So back in the decades, if you were a Black kid or a White kid who acted up during the day, you knew you'd have to deal with dad that night. Much "progress" from the 1950s and 1960s has backfired in a few ways on Blacks and in many ways against Whites.

This lamestream gangster culture wasn't organic either: Back in the 1980s and '90s when there were Black Hip Hop acts starting to get big with messages about peace and positivity, Jewish music execs, such as Lior Cohen, canceled some contracts, ensured other such acts couldn't get good deals, or / and instead signed and hyped Gangster Rappers. Although there's no doubt ignoramuses and cowards are still bleating "the white man!" about that. Black blokes in LA will tell you too that before the switch from Peaceful Hip Hop to Gangster Rap, there weren't that many Black chaps who'd present like the peeps pictured here in VB's meme.

Much respect, fellow seekers.
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