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Scotty does haggis in StarTrekMemes
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Aye Lad, you really have'nt lived until You've enjoyed a really fine haggis | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hahaha, is it? I have to admit I have never tried it. I've heard many stories about it's rather gross ingredients. The Scottish seem to like it alot, and I guess there was some controversy about it being their national dish. I would be willing to try haggis if I knew someplace that makes it properly. 👍
Maybe Bernie just doesn't like dangling balls... in AwesomeMusic
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Nice- I'm not sure, but I think this album was actually issued to all HS students in the 70s
The CHAOTIC COUP--Rewriting History While Bringing America to Her Knees in politics
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vBackman is a lady. A beautiful and sophisticated lady. Show some respect.
Ancient Rome was also destroyed by unchecked hordes of invaders in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Ya I get it, you Leftys must now transition from "Orangemanbad" to "Whitemanbad" - By traditional family I mean one headed by two parents- yes, a Mother and a Father, neither of whom have any doubts about what gender they are. Very sorry if that offends any of you fragile Snowflakes and your woke sensibilities... Older users will fondly remember the Davey & Goliath TV show. It was a 1970s evangelical Sunday morning show that taught kids Christian values like forgiveness and helping others- ideals all but lost to today's liberally-brainwashed & entitled Brats. I admit using that image was a bit over the top, but it served it's purpose. You do make a good point about the high divorce rate. I have always believed that is one of single greatest contributors to the downfall of our Society, and it's ever-growing spread is directly tied to the Cancer of Liberalism.