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I am of the outside looking inward, a perpetual observer, a persona non gratra.
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Economics 101 in politics
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The Federal Reserve has zero oversight.
Biden Shakes Hands With Nobody in politics
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Also shaking hands with his Twitter followers.
Ronald Reagan: Leftist in disguise. #SpotTheFakes #2ndAmendmenf in politics
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He was right. Who hunts with an AK-47? That'd be overkill even for animals like bears that require something with high stopping power. There's also the practical matter having to remove excess bullets from the carcass before the bullets ruin the meat.
The same goes with using that type of gun for home defense. A person would end up doing more damage to the house and property than the criminal.
If you didn't know. in Real_Politics
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Shingles is literally the Chickenpox you got as a kid making a return when you get old. Both my parents got Shingles and were given some antibiotics.
Follow The Money in politics
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Then why hasn't Monkeypox gone the way of Smallpox hmm?