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Top Memes & GIFs of January 2023

Listen here you little-

Listen here you little- |  Teacher: “Slavery has ended”; Student: *leaves classroom*; Teacher: “Why did you do that?”; Student: “You said that slavery had ended”; Teacher:; crap | image tagged in listen here you little shit bird,memes,funny,school,relatable memes,funny memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
155,342 views, 1697 upvotes, 303 comments

I am nude and screwed

I am nude and screwed |  Me coming out of the shower and stealthily running around the house because I forgot a towel: | image tagged in naked and afraid,shower moment | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
136,823 views, 1597 upvotes, 348 comments

*god mode activated*

*god mode activated* |  Teacher: “Lying is not a job”; Lawyers: | image tagged in anime glasses,memes,funny,school,teacher,wait what | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
116,704 views, 1476 upvotes, 286 comments

*insert MY EYES memes here*

*insert MY EYES memes here* |  POV: The brightness on my phone when I unlock it at 3am | image tagged in memes,funny,true story,relatable memes,funny memes,phone | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
145,158 views, 1454 upvotes, 291 comments

Why must you hurt me in this way

119,880 views, 1433 upvotes, 131 comments

Piracy >:) (I have Netflix btw, it’s a joke)

132,114 views, 1349 upvotes, 289 comments

Wait what-

127,628 views, 1325 upvotes, 344 comments

Some people call me the "Wii Bowling Champion"

114,151 views, 1300 upvotes, 135 comments

Rip the teacher tho

110,890 views, 1260 upvotes, 176 comments


109,776 views, 1260 upvotes, 576 comments

This happens all the time lmao

108,470 views, 1238 upvotes, 164 comments
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