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Monopoly in fun
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I JUST NEED A HOTEL ON PARK PLACE AND BOARDWALK AND EVERYBODY ELSE IS FUCKED! | image tagged in rarity's evil plans | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This basically guarantees victory!
Fuck these two in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Of course you'll like everybody else, but let me break it down for you!
Pence- 60
Pelosi- 80
Grassley- 86
Pompeo- 56
Mnuchin- 57
Esper- 56
Barr- 69
Bernhardt- 50
Perdue- 73
Ross- 82
Scalia- 56
Azar- 52
Carson- 68
Chao- 67 (cannot become president, as she is not a natural born citizen)
Brouillette- 57
DeVos- 62
Wilkie- 57
Wolf- 43-44
According to the line of succession, Mike Pompeo, Steven Mnuchin, Mark Esper, David Bernhardt, Eugene Scalia, Alex Azar, Dan Brouillette, Robert Wilkie, and Chad Wolf are the ones under 60, and will be less likely to suffer seriously from Covid-19, and will most likely be able to handle becoming president, if all the others above them, got Covid-19 and died from it!
Get this madman off the street! in fun
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I get my information from the World Health Organization! If you don't believe WHO, you've got a serious problem. Or are allergic to facts!
Get this madman off the street! in fun
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It has been a lot worse! You are clearly living under a rock!