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Memes are a therapist to the hard knock life that we all live.
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How much control do you think the media really has on consumers? Is this a good thing or not? in The_Think_Tank
3 ups, 4y
The media is everything and unless you pay attention to nothing the media controls every part of your life.
Coronavirus Body suit in The_Think_Tank
1 up, 4y
It’s just a strong flu, everyone’s over reacting
Coronavirus in The_Think_Tank
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I could care less, but schools are out for 2 weeks
What does money mean to you? Happiness? Luxury? Or something else? in The_Think_Tank
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I agree with the need in society, thanks for the thoughtful response.
Sad Gigan in Middle-School
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CORONAVIRUS | image tagged in stonks blank | made w/ Imgflip meme maker