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I'm now a yellow rainbow star?! Sort of kinky... and golden...
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Bad Luck Brian
Complicated! https://i.imgflip.com/21245q.jpg
Up with Upvotes Week...A Vampier_Meme_Queen event Dec.11- Dec. 15
I got an "obey" kasket from a friend, and with a Little Work I put an evil eye on top of it. Few days after I scared some illuminati-conspiracy dude at a trainstation even though he was twice my size. It was hillarious. Dank meme by the way :D
This can't be happening to me...
Inappropriate retaliation... https://i.imgflip.com/20ixdi.jpg
Jack Nicholson
Can somebody explain me a little bit about 3 submissions?
My guess is they are based on the amount of points you get. If you suddenly make three memes, the third meme might not be so fun so you fall behind in points which Means you could get 2-3 memes on and off...