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Bible | My favorite parts of the Bible are when Jesus is alone talking to God (himself) And someone who wasn't there writes about it | image tagged in bible,religion,god | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I think you're making this up. I've read the Bible more than 20 times and don't know of a passage that fits this desciption. As far as I can remember, none of the private prayers of Christ to God are recorded.
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He was alone with the devil at a time, and someone wrote it :D
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The bible encompasses a lot, sometimes sections of it are hid away because it causes a controversy at the time it's read the most. I especially loves the part of the bible where jesus is a child acting like a prankstergod. Then there's judas testament which I haven't read but would love to read one day.

I've read the Quran as well as the bible, and storywise the bible miracles are a lot more miraculous, for example the quran mentions this murderer who burried a corpse, and while he has company a raven flies down and starts pecking the dirt, so he confesses the murder. Now I suppose the miracle is that god sort of took control of the raven and made it flie down and start the pecking, but since some raven species are traditionally carrion-eaters (especially at wartimes, like muhammed's era) this is hardly a miracle. In another of those miracles a wealthy merchant disowns his children stating that they will not inherit his wealth, so by a miracle there's a fire later that burns down the merchant and his wealth! Now the miracle is probably that god punished the merchant by burning him, but wouldn't it be a greater miracle that the merchant was burnt but the wealth was not, and was given to the family by god? I don't know, but I suspect that the disowned children killed the guy, took the wealth and set the place on fire and told everyone else that it was gods will...
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This A thiccccccccccccc comment
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I like to wall of text it sometimes :D
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Where there is accusation, there one sees the accuser's fingerprints.
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My favorite parts of the Bible are when Jesus is alone talking to God (himself) And someone who wasn't there writes about it
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