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I love War Wings and guns
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this is 100% accurate in Comics
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Very true
Repent sinners in Atheism
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The human conscience shows it. A bunch of synapses, neurons, and cells in brain juice and pumped with energy doesn’t form a mind with emotions and the sense of right and wrong. Which is more likely…. A pinprick of unknown origin suddenly blows up for no reason which leads to the Earth, and eventually a living speck appears out of nowhere and then makes fish and bugs, which leads to frogs and lizards, then mammals, then monkeys, then humans for no reason? Or does an intelligent creator who carefully made everything, and loves us seem more reasonable? Tell me, why did the Big Bang suddenly happen? Where did all the matter come from, and don’t say the singularity, because my next question is, where did that singularity come from? Which seems more likely, a celestial game of dice, or a intelligent design?
Untitled Image in Atheism
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There were a lot of different King Herods, so they can be reconciled.
yessssss in fun
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image tagged in yakko inhale | made w/ Imgflip meme maker