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And that is how you get a black eye. in politics
1 up, 9mo
more like Russia's best sniper. idk how Ukraine is winning, but they are
Groomingland in politics
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"done by a doctor of their choice for a voluntary activity"

my guy trying to soften pedophilia. very sad

"only if their gender is in question"

eyyyy why the f**k would you need to question the gender of a girl that looks like a girl?
Groomingland in politics
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typical of fox to avoid it.
Groomingland in politics
3 ups, 10mo,-Close&text=CINCINNATI%20(WXIX)%20%2D%20Ohio%20House,higher%20education%20and%20private%20colleges.

basically a bill that lets people touch kids in inappropriate ways
Enviro-junk science meets endless government power in politics
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lol the gas stove thing isn't so much about climate change than it is about children with asthma