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final boss of toxic online discourse, and the world's no. 1 trans women connoisseur. R.I.P. MyrianWaffleEV :(((((
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Something about putting lipstick on a pig in politics
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"refuse to genuflect to the woke crowd"

lmao "woke." i don't think anyone knows what that word means at this point. there are now two races: white and woke.

"When immoral gay people sued a Christian baker because he did not want to participate in their sinful lifestyle, how was that not seriously affecting his life? "

how is this even relevant 5 years later?
Biden's FBI is the new KGB in politics
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"She was involved with a drug traficker who used her as a human shield."

what happened to just asking questions? how do they know she was affiliated with a drug-dealing boyfriend? does the 4th amendment suddenly not apply?

"Ky is full of decent guys who get up every day and go off to work at a legitimate job"

nah mate. you're making up excuses for the government to do hideous things. last time i checked, the only thing Kentucky filled up on was floodwaters
Biden's FBI is the new KGB in politics
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eyyy imgflip suddenly have a problem with unannounced raids while conveniently forgetting about breonna taylor.

"Some third world shit..."

ahahahaha in third world countries, the only politicians that get arrested are ones with grassroot support.

dark brandon rises
Irainian lives matter in conservatives
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
"Ukraine is a Democracy like Russia is a democracy. Corrupt single party oligarchies"

ukraine would've been more vulnerable to an oligarchy had zelenskyy not banned the pro-russia parties. at least under his rule, the people can decide post-invasion if they don't like zelenskyy or not. so far, however, they're in his favor.
Sure hope they run the trainwreck Newsom in conservatives
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"completely ignore Joe an Hunter Biden"

because they're irrelevant to the meme, my guy. a bit of research would show that i always knew they were pedos. i did say to "pick your poison."

and gaetz has certainly not been proven innocent. here's mike pence's staff saying that gaetz will be in prison in 2024

"almost like you're a pedo lover"
i've been advocating against biden ever since the tara reid stories. meanwhile, you're defending gaetz, which is basically the very thing you accuse me of. again, pick your poison.