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MERRYPRANKSTER WHEN HE ARGUES WITHOUT A PICTURE OF A DONKEY | image tagged in straining kid | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
"I have no idea what you mean by "Obama clutch""

by that i mean when the argument to how trump is good relies on being better than obama. cheap move

"Pulled more troops out of the ME than Obummer did."

oh gee, what an accomplishment. hillary clinton could've brought 1 troop out of the middle east and that would've still been more than obama, and she's a f**king warmonger. trump hasn't pulled out enough to stop the wars we shouldn't be intervening in.

"He exposed the swamp, and you guys impeached him for it"

lmao i was also against the impeachment. i would never side with pelosi on an issue such as that. show me the comment that said otherwise. friggin linear-thinker right here.

"The pedophiles that I have heard about have been HUGE supporters of the Democrats. may I present to you Harvey Weinstien, Jeffery Epstein, and Anthony Weiner"

rich democrats that are protected by other rich democrats and rich republicans. the current status quo protects them. let's face it: the rnc and dnc are pals and trump, without his knowledge, is being used as a mascot for the rnc. relying on them to be democrats as a way to debate me of all people lol. doesn't matter to me that they're democrats. does matter that we aren't taking real action against them and the less time we spend taking action, the more time we spend letting them do horrendous disgusting acts.

"And your soon to be candidate for President will be a man who has 5 or more times money than President Donald J. Trump."

what... bloomberg? i can't stand that guy. i'd hate it if he was the nominee.
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jojo rabbit's bizarre adventure
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eyyy the person named "orangemanbad" is going to democrat-levels of argumentation. ironic
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" guys still haven't stopped yapping about how great Obama's victory was"

"you guys" lol. locate the comment of mine which i praised obama's victory. thanks

"I have also seen Trumps approval ratings climb since the impeachment fiasco. And, really...that is what it was, a total fiasco"

because the whole impeachment fiasco was set up to get people riled up about him and distract americans from issues that **do matter**, particularly this upcoming election.

"I haven't heard one person in the realm world complain about Trumps job performance."

eyyy echo chamber

"The only thing negative that I can say, or anyone I have asked say, is that he tweets too much."

failed policies
obama clutch despite being obama 2
failure to pull troops completely out of the middle east
promise to expose the swamp, but ends up letting the status quo hold up
poor americans still under the burden of the recession despite the economic boom
rich are still holding oligarchy and pedophile rings

but yeah, tweeting too much is your issue
A bit premature with that laugh in politics
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i'd argue hillary wasn't a great choice either. at least trump was populist back then