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Loophole the Left in fun
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"Nazi" is on the right side? ok, ok. Black thugs that are democrat supporters are responsible for murders every day. 13 people killed at Columbine. There was over 13 people killed by black thugs each week. 13 killed by a right in a year. Over 300 killed by lefties.
Loophole the Left in fun
3 ups, 4y
Multiple sources...... LMAO
What's funny is what's funny to you. You do that same shit. Hypocrisy.
Loophole the Left in fun
2 ups, 4y
Specifically singled out by Trump but the Dems said Trump said all immigrants are animals. That's what they do best!
Loophole the Left in fun
4 ups, 4y
You can't ban assault rifles. Assault rifles are only in the military. And a .22 cal rifle is hardly any assault rifle. You need to stop being told what to think! Any kind of gun ban will only hurt the law abiding citizens. The bad guys will always have a gun and can easily get a gun. Drugs are 100% illegal and how is that working out in the world? Democrats have their sanctuary cities where any illegal is put back on the street, even from murder. And the Democrats are huge on downplaying ms13 and saying they're not as bad as people make them out to be. Fckn ridiculous! Oh, and every school shooting, that shooter was a Democrat supporter. Do tell me what's MY fault. Or the right side's fault.
Loophole the Left in fun
3 ups, 4y
Liberals only support what is told to them. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Torturing and rapists have nothing to do with guns. Stop drinking the Kool-aid and stop being told what to think.