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stolen_toast_left_the_chat (348743)
Joined 2023-01-25
fūck this site im out. i might comment on posts and post sometimes.
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The evolution of trash in JustaCheemsDoge
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they are content farmers that rot kid's brains so much they become drooling ipad kids, and drooling ipad kids might be some cringy ahh mf, harass people, and worst of all, become a degenerate. how do these kids become ipad kids? well, a normal kid, casually looking at yt shorts and then, they find lankybox, they watch it, and when they watch it, their brain rots and they look at more lankybox, the more lankybox, the more brainrot. and, they get so addicted to it that their brain rots so much to the point that they be unironically saying gen alpha words.
Incredible California Tornado Today in fun
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how is that guy's phone still in their hands?
nope.avi engineer in JustaCheemsDoge
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thought* my spelling aint spelling 💀💀
nope.avi engineer in JustaCheemsDoge
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i thout you were banned from there