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Undergoing Heart Procedure - Get Well Sen. Sanders! in politics
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Somehow I think that if he wasn’t so angry in his speeches and debates, he might not have heart trouble.
For those privledged enough. in politics
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These aren’t different races; this isn’t diversity. The man is just getting tanned (except the last is fake).
Weatherman in politics
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It’s already the future. Seasons still come and go.
If Jesus tried to feed the thousands now-a-days. in fun
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Vegetarians can have fish; vegans cannot. There is also now the gluten-free Body of Christ.
Untitled Image in politics
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After thinking this over for several days, I wanted to get back to you in case you're still interested. Yes, it would be ideal if abortion was illegal everywhere in all circumstances. In seems we're pretty far off from that though. And you can't just outright ban it. You have to dedicate resources to helping women who have made a mistake, as well as the fathers who have made a mistake. There has to be money and effort towards helping unexpectedly pregnant women for there to truly be a culture of life.