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Seeing back the blue mags hats brawling with police is hilariously ironic. in politics
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Ok now this is quite simply damn near retarded, as a (former) republican I can agree 110% that it was only us, not ANTIFA, not BLM. I emphasize former because what happened yesterday was treason, insurrection, and an attempted coup to undermine american democracy.
This is the end Jim Morrison in politics
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Divided we fall.

This is the end Jim Morrison in politics
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Are you sure there will be violence later tonight? It seems to be dying down.
Untitled Image in politics
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I identify as a poly-quasi-fluid-violet-gender please do not discriminate. I didn't make it up in 20 seconds I swear it was elaborately thought out.
Dr Evil Laser in politics
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This is true, I even know some Democrats believe it or not that actually want to stop China for all the damage they have caused, whether they supported a war, trade war, etc, some are not COMPLETELY blind.