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Confused Gandalf
not saying that they handled it perfectly, but it actually makes sense if you think about it: marijuana has some usefull medicinal properties that would be wasted if it was banned (plus commercially solled drugs have a tendency to be higher quality then their black-market-counterparts, so less people will die of drug-poisining) while straws are often overpackadged and pollute the invirement (no matter how little you care, pretty sure you don't want to eat fish that has eaten plastic before)
because they know that people disagree (EVERYONE thinks they're the good guys) and they want to protect their identity
heaven requirements
as far as i'm concerned, it's all about being a good person. and all that sounds like good people stuff to me
Trump Bill Signing
a. give me your evidence (if you have any) for that "lie" b. global cooling was a missprediction (a lot more papers predicted warming btw) and climate change is just a more accurate term since it's effects arent limited to an increase in temperatur
Trump Bill Signing
what government? the one that let go of the agreement? i know that will come as a surprise for a conspiracy theorist like you, but you have that thing between your ears for a reason. USE IT! and also: you think looking at a few glaciers disproves over a hundred years of climate science?