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It must be Drugs in politics
1 up, 14h
Learn what a Karen is. A Karen is someone that is in everyone else's business.
Forensic audits are being done by qualified companies known for doing audits with the approval of the legislatures. Please stop watching CNN and do some research.
Singing "We will overcome" in politics
0 ups, 14h
I provide verifiable facts all the time.
It must be Drugs in politics
1 up, 14h
You don't learn either. Remember the revolutionary War? Remember the total tyranny that brought that on?
Liberal logic. in politics
5 ups, 14h
You have a right to go out in public and eat. The restaurant has the right to refuse you entry. Learn what liberty is.
It's crystal clear who the real president is. in politics
3 ups, 16h
Idiot. Do some research. 60% discrepancy between the Georgia audits and their recount. Enough to make Trump win Georgia.