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Shopping in Boobs
1 up, 1d
She looking at him like he did something wrong. Sorry if you gonna show your assets off like that, I'm gonna look.
Come at me Democrats in politics
0 ups, 1d
I don't trust any of these shots, the chemicals they've found in them are dangerous and even if they work they short circuit the immune system.
Pro-Palestine = Pro Hamas = Pro-Terrorism in politics
0 ups, 1d
You mean essentially a biological machine whose purpose is to break down garbage, as opposed to say a human with higher thought processes? Bad comparison.
Media Lies Matter in politics
1 up, 1d
Yeah, it is. They still teach evolution even though a mitochondria DNA study proved that 95% of living creatures today do not have common ancestors. Evolution is the foundation of atheism.
They will make you believe in politics
0 ups, 1d
Not luck, just need lawyers that k ow how to do it. They can get an injunction against the judges actions from a constitutional judge pending a constitutional violation case.