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AOC - Hold My Beer Edition in politics
10 ups, 1y
sexual assault survivor in a liberal womans mind can also include 'He held the door open for me'
so I suppose she could technically be telling the truth this one time.... but probably not.
Star Wars No in politics
0 ups, 1y
Thats the spirit..
Star Wars No in politics
0 ups, 1y
Next time the opportunity arises, I'll donate to proceeds to build the 'government department of wiping' for you.
I know you struggle with that, given the known complications in taking care of oneself..
Star Wars No in politics
0 ups, 1y
back when that happened I was hoping to buy large quantities in all the stores and then sell them in the parking lot for twice the price
People didn't go nuts here though.
Happy yet, ladies? in politics
3 ups, 1y
To be honest I think it HAS to happen.
Nobody changes their mind until they're on the receiving end of their policies. I just hope liberals are affected most by a significant margin.