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Oh no it's retarded!
I liked the first one scre hillari
No Nike endorsement deal
@Roderick (proven wrong in a 2 minute video) he did what the police said and still got shoot also hje didn't commit any crimes. what crimes are you even talking about I wonder? :> If someone is high like laquan mcdonald and a taser is requested being shot 16 times is not the appropriate use of force because he "did not do what they said" or because he was walking away with a knife Van Dyke went 4 years getting payed by the police force and it was covered up and there's a whole team fighting for a guilty law enforcement officer to get off that's the appalling injustice here. If it was someone close to you that got shot like that I'm sure you'd be very pissed at someone just saying "they committed a crime they should have followed the demands of the law enforcement" plain stupid you're sounding.