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Jesus walks into a hotel. He hands the clerk 3 nails and asks "Can you put me up for the night?"
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Let's talk: What is the actual purpose of sex? in Debate_With_Kate
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Using vegetables as d**dos and bragging about on a website for kids?

"It's a catholic thing"
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Telling someone that you only believe what you believe because you're worried about being wrong just proves how insincere your belief is. I see through it. Your god would see through it too.

How about this; pray for me to stop thinking of you as and calling you a child, see if that works.

I understand that as a wannabe Christian, you're worried about what your community does to children and you don't want that to happen to you. I hope you find the strength to get yourself out of that unsafe situation.
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Well, if you think atheists hate god then your grasp on atheism is just as tenuous as your grasp on christianity. Maybe put down the rape-and-genocide filled fairy tales from the bronze age and pick up some Dawkins?

Again child, please stop making *all* Christians look bad. Some are decent people who have morals and can actually defend them without the use of Google.
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Spend as much time as you need trying to convince yourself that you're somehow a Christian even though random atheists you meet on the internet know more about christianity than you do.

If can somehow call yourself a Christian than I must be the pope.
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Correct, you cannot change what they did

What you *can* do is choose not take life lessons from a book that causes evil instead of ends it.