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Pro-Choice doesn't have to end in a dead baby. Just ask Alyssa. in politics
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Abortion is not legally equatable to murder per the law. However, no rational person can argue that abortion does not end a life.
Winners: Denny vs. Billy in politics
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THIS MEME IS TOO LEGIT | image tagged in mc hammer | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Only people who watched Boston Legal will get it
Change My Mind in politics
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Now we get to it, you simply support abortion. **pe has nothing to do with your objection. You simply invoke **pe as a means to elevate your argument with a faux morality. After all, who could oppose **pe?
Roll Safe Think About It in politics
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You said "show me the list". I did. Now you moved the goalpost three times in your response. Sad day for you.