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Sam Elliott special kind of stupid in politics
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Spatoine: US Government intelligence determined Russia hacked the DNC.

Then I posted an article from CNN which shows the FBI never inspected their server because the DNC never turned them over.

Then you posted a Politifact article about the CIA.

You are an idiot. The CNN article clearly doesn't anything about the CIA, it plainly is talking about the FBI.

You are simply trying to muddy the waters, but you are too stupid to do effectively.


Spatoine: Russia hacked the DNC.

CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY: There is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC.

Spatoine: US Intelligence knows more than Crowdstrike.

CNN: The FBI (the agency responsible for domestic issues) never examined the server because the DNC wouldn't turn it over.

Spatoine: the CIA isn't allowed to handle domestic issues. So they never would have asked for it.

LOL...the idiocy of a liberal desperately trying to hold onto her Russia lies.
Facts can hurt your feelings sometimes, but facts don't care about your feelings. in politics
0 ups, 4y're not a bright person. If there are laws against murder, why do people still commit murder? It's because there are "unwritten rules" in society?

Racism exist. I never denied this. But you have not demonstrated systemic racism.
One Group Supports Working For A Living, While The Other Would Supports Living In Fear in politics
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Yeah, I get it, because what would he know.

While you're at home, be sure to crouch yourself into a little ball. This makes you a smaller target for the virus to hit.
Antifa Seattle in politics
0 ups, 4y now, according to ToeJam, the chief of police in Seattle is also a right wing liar...LOL
One Group Supports Working For A Living, While The Other Would Supports Living In Fear in politics
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Have a death wish? From a virus that the majority of society won't catch? And for those who do, the majority will show mild to no symptoms. And for the majority of those who have symptoms, most will stay home and recover in a week to two weeks, with a minority going to the hospital. And the majority of those going to the hospital will be released after receiving oxygen. And for an even smaller number, some will be put on a respirator. And a very small number of those people will unfortunately pass away.

That's hardly a death wish.

And just in case you are wondering, that's not my summary. That is from England's Chief Medical Officer.