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Worst Band EVER!
And why didn't this get published? Is some crappy mod a big Moron 5 fan, or something? Get it together. This isn't political, it's just it's in the right category. STOP CENSORING ME!
Censorship Is Compliance To Slavery
It's too bad you can't. Put together a sentence, or act your age...that is. Your sentences make no sense because you use words with meanings that are lost on you due to your poor reading comprehension skills....I guess, I can't think of any other reason you would write such incoherent drivel...and I know you're not 5 because it's very late, yet....
Censorship Is Compliance To Slavery
Wow. I am done in by your witty repatree. I am no match for your superior brain power. You're SO smart. Gee...wish I'd have got better eddiemacationin'. Obviously you're a Trump shows in your lack of understanding of....ANYTHING. You say things you think are clever and smart, but they're just more inane comments from a clueless follower of an even more clueless pile of dung, and you don't even know what it means. You poor thing. F**king tool. *Queue more dumb comments from the idiot gallery*